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Whether it's Newlyweds, Rich Girls, Sorority Life, The Real World, or all the other MTV Ten Spot shows you love, this community provides a place for commenting and expressing your opinion on the network's TV shows.


-We understand everyone has an opinion, but please take other's views into consideration-meaning keep the bashing low, if any.

-If you have any icons to post, feel free, but make sure you put them behind a cut. Don't know how to? Go to the FAQ and look under the journal section.

-Off Topic Posts are okay, but try not to do it too often.

-If you have any links to MTV or Show related sites, feel free to post them!

-Absolutly no bashing of any other members or you will get kicked out of the community.

-Most users are not 11. Please type in a mature manner. (Meaning nOnE Of DIS oR dAt ANdz So IzzOn)

-Although this community is named MTV10Spot, it is okay to talk about the network's other shows.

-Please keep the cussing low. It doesn't make you sound very intelligent, and it's not very attractive.

Other then that, have fun!

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